What is Freedom Wallpaper?

Freedom Wallpaper is a public effort to classify, rank, and distribute high-resolution images for use as desktop/mobile backgrounds. Supported resolutions include 1024×768, 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, and all other background variations with a minimum width and height of 1024×720 pixels.

How to save Wallpaper on Mobile

1- Find the image you wish to save
2- Tap and hold down on the wallpaper (2sec)
3- A menu will slide up – tap “Save Image”
4- The wallpaper will be saved to your Camera Roll

How can I request removal of an image on Freedom Wallpaper?

Freedom Wallpaper is dedicated to respecting the current United States copyright law.

Unfortunately, the nature of community-based websites is such that copyrighted material can be uploaded unknowingly to the site owners. (e.g., Flickr and YouTube.) If an image that you own the copyright to exists on our website, please e-mail .

For more information, please see Freedom Wallpaper’s Terms of Use.

Why not display the site correctly?

Surely your internet browser is the old IE6/IE7, the best viewing is with Internet Explorer10 , Firefox 2, 3. & Safari.

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